Industrial bedroom look- South shore furniture

If you are a big fan of industrial or vintage style, the best option is to consider South Shore Furniture!
The features of South Shore’s urban, industrial style furniture are inspired from the concept of minimalism. First thing that draws my attention to this set of furniture is its stunning color- Gray maple. The cool-toned color not only presents a calm effect, but also highlights the edginess of the room. The design is simple, yet trendy and functional. The delivery is super fast and the instructions are really easy to understand. It does require time to complete the installation. Once all the pieces are installed, you will, for sure, be pleased by the outcome. It is indeed high-quality for this price range.


The headboard, featuring a contemporary look, stands out from the rest of the furniture. The design, combining massive lines with additional lights, adds luxurious character to the bedroom. If you want something simple but a bit fancy, this headboard would be a great choice. The only concern with the headboard is that since it’s quite big (can be attached to standard queen or king bed frame), it requires two people and might take longer time to assemble it.

Aside from the design mentioned above, the key feature of this dresser and nightstand is its metal handles, which display an antique finish. The 2-drawer nightstand is usually optional. If your room were spacious, this would be the perfect choice to complete the whole vintage/ industrial look.

Brand:  South Shore Furniture

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