Simple get-your-baby-skin tips: Honest reviews on Makeup remover

I have to say that I’ve been praised for my smooth and baby skin almost my entire 25-year life. Thanks to my parents, I was genetically gifted with smooth skin. However, without care, my skin started to have acne breakouts due to sun exposure and my own laziness. At first, I didn’t realize the importance of makeup removal and cleansing before bed, which is the one rule in beauty world that I shouldn’t have broken. I mistakenly thought it was the skin care products that I used. I started switching products from products, spending tons of money on acne treatment serum and cream, but it did little help. So, I went back to the very first step: cleansing. If you don’t clean your skin thoroughly and properly, the excess makeup will clog your pores and cause overproduction of sebum, which can lead to acnes! Leaving your makeup on your face overnight is like piling up dirt on your face! Thus, choosing the right makeup removal product is fairly important.

Top Picks for makeup removal :



Bioderma Solution Sensitive Skin 500m is my number 1 pick. It dissolves my face makeup completely and does not make my face greasy (I hate how some cleansing water makes my face oily!). The price is very affordable and easy to buy anywhere in the stores. I’ve used up two bottles already.



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water For All Skin Types does the makeup removing job greatly. I use it when my skin doesn’t have any issues. When I start to have some little skin problems, I would switch back to either Bioderma or Banila Co because it would be a bit sensitive than the other two.


Banila Co. Clean it Zero 180ml  is a Korean brand and I’m obsessed with it! This balm turns into oily consistency when you rub it on your face. It does an amazing job at dissolving and removing waterproof makeup! If I use this, I wouldn’t use eye & lip makeup remover! DONT buy it on UNTRUSTED site!!! I’ve purchased a cheap fake one (you could easily spot the texture difference once you start using it)!!!!


The Face Shop Facial:Natural Rice Water Light Cleansing Oil, for me, is like Korean version of Bioderma. I’ve lived in Korea for more than a year. This works the best for me at removing my face makeup. It doesn’t make my face dry at all even in winter (It was 10-14 degree Fahrenheit at that time)! It is cheaper than most of western products, but it’s even cheaper in Korea! How can I say no to this amazing product! I stocked up 6 bottles before I left Korea for good.




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